St Thomas More Catholic Church

Brighton Le Sands

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St Thomas More Catholic Church, Brighton Le Sands

Altar Servers and Acolytes

Altar servers in the parish may be either girls or boys in Yr 4 and above, provided they have made their First Communion. Altar servers are rostered to serve at the Sunday Masses and parish school Masses. They select to be rostered weekly, fortnightly or monthly at a Sunday Mass time of their own choosing. Altar servers under 18 years of age must have written approval from their parents. Altar servers minister with the acolyte at Mass. Their white robes are supplied by the parish.

Co-ordinator: John D’Amato

Acolytes assist on the sanctuary in the celebration of the Mass. Acolytes perform similar tasks to an altar server but acolytes are an official and permanent “order” of the Church: what is called a Minor Order of the Church. The Church only allows males to be acolytes and they must be at least 18 years of age. Acolytes are formally instituted into their ministry with the approval of the bishop and must undertake a short training course offered by the Archdiocese of Sydney. They are permanent ministers of Holy Communion and may lead a church Holy Communion Service in the absence of a priest when no Mass can be celebrated (this happens on Thursday mornings at Brighton Le Sands). Acolytes may also take Holy Communion to the sick and elderly in their homes.

Co-ordinator: John D’Amato